What is Basecamp

Basecamp is our six week Saturday program focused on reaching local youth to help build life skills and foster leadership. This program was founded on the idea that students, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds, deserve an education that inspires action and fulfills each student’s needs. We hope to help bridge the education gap that exists in the public school system by providing mentorship and resources that students may not be receiving during the school year.

Our program is centered around the student’s interests and needs. During morning sessions, we offer students the freedom to choose the workshops they want to attend. Workshop topics include graphic design, sustainable living, communication arts, college preparation/SAT tutoring, and business/entrepreneurship. These sessions are focused on revitalizing students’ interest in education, as well as encouraging students to pursue their passions and to think about how they can use their talents to bring community change. After lunch we bring all program participants together for team building activities. During the final part of our afternoon curriculum groups will be split up into two workshops (young adult women, and young adult men) that will cover public speaking workshops, empowerment, leadership that will aim to bring us to think and learn collectively.

We hope that Basecamp will encourage many mentorships and partnerships to grow. Our goal is to effect long term social change through coalition building, and we believe that the needed steps to address the issues in our education system start with Basecamp.


Classes will be held July 13th- August 17th | Grades: 6th - 12th

The tuition for the Saturday Program is $500
Sign up before April 30th for early bird price: $450


(Each morning session offers 3 options for students to choose from)

Intro to Graphic Design I:
Graphic design has gone beyond an art form and transitioned into an increasingly important skill for professionals in advertisement, journalism, fin-tech, fashion and many other fields. Knowing the principles of graphic design and the basics of design software is crucial for giving your work that professional edge. In this class we will be introducing graphic design and will cover three essential programs: Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Students will learn the basic uses of all software tools by the end of the six weeks and will practice using them while working on their final project in class.

*Class is limited to 4 students max due to laptop availability. If workshop registration is full, a student may still sign up upon approval if they bring their own laptop with the required programs to class.
*If student enrolls in Graphic Design I, it is mandatory for the student to take Graphic Design II. Student can’t switch out to a different class during Morning Session 2.

Students should always have the option of attending university after high school. As students approach the end of their high school career, the college application process may seem daunting and overwhelming without guidance. Often the students who want or need the most resources during this time do not have access to this support. This workshop aims to fix that by offering all the BASICS students need during the college preparation process. We provide SAT tutoring and resume building sessions, and will also be going over the college application process, how to write the personal statement of the application, how to get application fee waivers, and how to apply for financial aid. Our workshop’s curriculum will vary based on registered students’ needs.

Many people have the drive and passion for starting their own businesses but don’t know where to begin. Starting a business can be overwhelming to a novice as it requires a multi-faceted approach ranging from finances, to economics demands, to interpersonal social skills, etc. The primary goal for this course is to provide students with a basic, yet vital foundation with regard to marketing, budgeting, fundraising and developing skill sets pertinent for a successful startup and future growth.


(The second morning session will consist of 3 classes for students to register into unless you enroll in Graphic Design)

Intro to Graphic Design II:
(Continuation of Class 1 )

Sustainable Living:
Millions of tons of waste are produced every year. Unfortunately, only about 35% of the waste is recycled, leading to polluted air and water sources, destroyed natural habitats, rapid animal extinction and increased spread of disease. This course is an introduction to practical ways of sustainable living through seminars on waste management and the necessity of eco friendly habits. We will practice what we discuss in these seminars through multiple recycling projects and repurposing crafts. This workshop hopes to foster demand for sustainable practices as a community in order to preserve and improve environmental health.

Communicative Arts:
We mentor students to become leaders in their communities, experts in their fields and public advocates for change. This class is focused on refining the public speaking skills that prepare our students for future leadership roles. This type of learning cannot be acquired through a textbook, but through social interactions. Students need to be engaged and be in a space where they are constantly practicing their public speaking without realizing it. This interdisciplinary arts-based workshop will combine dance, debate, theater, and improv to build communication and public speaking skills. While performing arts is often dismissed, we believe that the arts help build essential skills students will use throughout their academic and professional career.

LUNCH SESSION | 12:00PM - 12:30PM
Meals will be provided by volunteers.


Team Building
Team building activities will take place to have fellowship and unwind. We want students to get to know both their peers and teachers outside of the classroom. At Basecamp, we go beyond the dominant student-teacher relationship in education and strive to learn from students as individuals. We will have various activities such as a dodgeball tournament, volleyball matches, and escape room games.

Workshop for Young Women | 1:30PM - 4:00PM
One of the essential parts that is missing in our education system is the mentorship of students focused on helping them create the bigger picture for their academic and career aspirations. While the dominant education model used in schools is based on the transferring of information from teachers to pupils, students everywhere need more to be engaged. In addition, we believe that young adult girls need more environments to build confidence and nurture self value because the average school curriculum does not have space for developing girls to get the female specific attention and inspiration they need.

Through creative writing sessions and discussions based on material like news articles, spoken word, movie clips and music, our girls' workshop provides a space for students to develop their academic and career aspirations, and discuss how their plans can work together to help build a brighter future. The overarching goal of these workshops is to encourage students to be passionate about their education and future careers, and help the girls see education as a tool for self empowerment and social change.

Workshop for Young Men | 1:30PM - 4:00PM
We believe that developing young men navigate a complex and often conflicting set of expectations from their families, communities, and society at large. Young adult men need more environments where masculinity is reframed to transform toxic masculinity to positive masculinity, and mentorship is focused on helping these young men navigate their changing environments.

Through activities and discussions, our men's workshop provides a space for students to not just develop their career aspirations, but understand the multiple roles young men have in their own lives and communities.
Our intention is to help our students become leaders in their communities who will spearhead equality and democratic efforts.